Phillies Oddballs: 1988 Topps Duo-Tang Folders

New for the 1988 season, Topps, in partnership with Sports Shots Portfolios produced cardboard folders depicting 130 of the top Major Leaguers.  Measuring 9 1/2x 11 3/4", the folders were made from thin cardboard and featured the front and back of that season's Topps card set.  According to the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards the folders retailed for $1 each, but I think mine came from the Rite-Aid bargain bin for much less. I had both the Mike Schmidt and Juan Samuel folders and used them daily at school.  And, even though they were only made of cardboard, the folders held up pretty well.

While the Phillies were not good in 1988, this was the peak of my card collecting life and as a result I have always had warm feelings for Topps' main and subset products (Rookies, Glossy, Traded, etc.) from this year.  I can clearly remember opening wax packs the winter before the season - finding cards from the All-Star subset and hoping to get an Al Leiter error card. The card packs had gum in them and cards were... still sold in wax wrappers (geez, I'm feeling old).  If I close my eyes and think, I can easily conjure up memories of a particular smell and feel of the 1988 set...


  • Steve Bedrosian
  • Von Hayes
  • Lance Parrish
  • Juan Samuel
  • Mike Schmidt

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