Voting for the 2013 Phillies Chachi set on The Phillies Room

The Phillies Room is a blog covering all things related to Phillies baseball cards.  If you follow my Twitter account you have no doubt read a few entries from them over the past year or so.  One of my favorite features on the blog is the great series of "chachi" sets.  Named for the author's dog, these are "what-if", custom creations that put today's Phillies in the card designs of yesteryear (think a Phillie-centric Topps Archives set).  It's a really cool way to connect today's team to those of the past, and I look forward to seeing which card is created next.

Some of you may have picked this up from The Phillies Collector Facebook page last week, but I wanted to give a plug here for anyone interested in participating.  The Phillies Room is giving readers an opportunity to help select the design for the 2013 Phillies Chachi set.  Readers may vote for one of the following Topps card designs: 1971,1973, 1985 or 1988.  For me the choice was fairly easy.  As I wrote in my last "Phillies Oddball" entry, the 1988 Topps cards hold a specific feeling for me.  As one of the first sets I collected card by card, there are a lot of good memories of going to the local card shop with my dad - buying wax packs and digging through commons boxes.  Despite being filled with names like Jeltz, Carman and Ruffin, I have always considered this team set my favorite.

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