Collectible of the Week: Phillies, 1980 Burger King Card Display

1980 Burger King Set
Store Display

Burger King started producing regional card sets in 1977.  The Phillies had two sets distributed at their restaurants, first in 1979 and this week's feature in 1980.  By this time we're probably all familiar with the card set itself - 23 cards (22 players and a checklist) mirroring the design used in that season's Topps cards.  The thing I like about the set are the differences that exist between it and the standard Topps team set.  The inclusion of cards for Dallas Green, John Vukovich, Kevin Saucier and Lonnie Smith make it worth owning.

The display itself is constructed as a mobile with three separate pieces.  From what I have learned over the years, each store received one mobile to advertise the cards.  Each piece was double-sided and featured the same graphics on each side.  The largest piece (with all the cards) measures 11"x17".  Like many of the items in my own collection, I am drawn to this piece because it wasn't supposed to be here 30 years later.  Though they are made of plastic, the expected lifespan had to be less than three months. The fact that there are a few left makes them cool addition to any collection.