Super-sub: Tomas Perez

As collectors we (rightly) often focus on collecting the star players.  Most of us probably have a Mike Schmidt signed ball - and hoped to get autographs from Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley or Roy Halladay at last year's Phillies Phestival.  Star power is an important part of any collection - but, you should strive to present a balance of star/obscure.

My love for the early-2000's Phillies is well documented.  The team had come out of the depths of the late-90s and started to show signs of life under Manager Larry Bowa.  He led a team that had "some" talent and made a couple runs toward the postseason.  When I think back to those teams I am reminded of the part-time guys, like Tomas Perez, who played such a big part of their successes.  Though far from a "game-changer", I came to respect Tomas' game and role on those teams and have picked up a few things related to his time with the Phillies...

Signed 8x10 Phan Photo

I got this signed down the first-base line at Veterans Stadium during the 2001 season.  We were one of a few fans who had collected down there that day and Tomas spent a few minutes chatting us up.  The picture is not worth a lot of money, but it always gives me a laugh.

Tomas Perez signed
2001 Phan Photo

2002 Game-used Road Jersey

Bought this jersey at the 2004 Winter Sale - one of the first in my collection.  It is actually one of the few that almost fits me!  One man's junk...

Tomas Perez game-used road jersey