A "View" Into The Phillies 2013 Promotions

We first examined the Phillies 2013 SGAs back in November.  At that point the schedule was little more than a framework, with only a few key giveaways being named (Hamels and Ruiz bobble heads).  Over the past few weeks more specifics have been posted online...and now, with the single-game ticket sale date only two-plus weeks away, we finally get a look at a few of them:

April 6th - Kid's Opening Night (Jimmy Rollins Replica Gold Glove)

This item is replacing the tired "photo ball in a tin" promotion the team has mindlessly thrown at our children over the past few seasons.  Unlike it's predecessors, the gold glove won't likely be found in every yard sale $.25 bin...

2013 Phillies Kid's Opening Night Promotion
Jimmy Rollins Replica Gold Glove

April 8th - Opening Week T-Shirt

I panned last year's offering - calling for the retirement of this annual promotion.  I think the team is breathing new life into it this season.

Phillies 2013 Opening Week Tee

June 4th - Carlos Ruiz bobble head

Here is the Phillies catcher's second SGA bobblehead (2010 was the last).  Despite the initial adverse reaction to his starring appearance in this season's promotional lineup, this will undoubtedly be one of the hottest tickets on the schedule.

Carlos Ruiz - 2013 SGA
Bobble head