Phillies TTM Flashback: Bob Bowman

Bob Bowman signed
1958 Picture Pack card

This week I'm taking a look back at a nice success from 2010.  Bob Bowman was an outfielder for the Phillies from 1955-1959, collecting 159 hits, 17 home runs and 54 RBIs...and he has one of the neatest signatures I've come across...

I didn't know too much about Mr. Bowman's career when I decided to write him, but after doing a quick scan of his stats noticed a few interesting parts of his career: he was a lifetime Phillie, and finished his career as a part-time pitcher.  It is always important to know a little about a guy's career before sending a TTM request - and over the years, this type of research has taught me a lot about Phillies history.

I sent Mr. Bowman a card from the 1958 Phillies Picture Pack along with a few questions related to what I had learned about his career.  Here was my favorite question/answer from the exchange:

Question: Which park was your favorite to play in?  Why?
Answer: Connie Mack Stadium - The fans.  They were tough, but fair.