Wes Chamberlain - 1991 Topps Error

In the history of baseball cards there are a lot of notable errors.  Some, like the occasional blank, or wrong backed cards seem to be mechanical.  Others like the notorious (multiple) Billy Ripken versions or the 1990 Donruss All-Star subset (with the black line through the star) have long been rumored to be intentional, aimed at drawing attention or value to a set.  For the most part, the Phillies have been spared in this area - except in the case of the 1991 Topps, Wes Chamberlain/Louie Meadows mixup.

There are few similarities between Chamberlain and Meadows, and this "error" smells more like an intentional mixup than a mistake.  Though they were both outfielders, Wes, of course batted and threw right-handed, while Louie was left/left.  It is also odd that Topps could misidentify a player who had appeared in their previous two flagship sets, and though new to the Phillies had been around for quite a few years.  Either way, they did and Wes Chamberlain is left with two "official" cards in the set.

I have heard that Wes will not sign the error card, which is understandable.  Has anyone ever had an experience where their request has been denied?  If so, please leave a comment - I'd be interested to hear what happened...