2008 Phillies, Perez Poster: Market Shift?

2008 Phillies - Dick Perez Poster

Since they were first awarded to early paying, full Season Ticket holders, the 2008 World Champions posters by artist Dick Perez has been a must-have item for Phillies collectors.  The 2,000 lithographs were printed on heavy stock paper and signed in pencil by Perez.  And unlike the similar 1980 World Champions poster, the 2008 version was never put into mass production.  The eye-catching drawings, and popularity of the team make it one of the best "reward prints" yet.

At first, just finding one was a tremendous challenge - and once it was found, you would have to pay a hefty price to acquire it.  Somewhere around late-2010, 2011 a few of the lithographs began finding their way to the secondary market and selling for around $200.  By December 2011 a local memorabilia dealer quoted me a price of $300 for one!  But, in recent months there has seemed to be at least one a month listed on ebay - and as the laws of supply and demand suggest, as more posters come to market, the lower prices have dropped.

I still think there is a good market for the poster, but if recent sales are to be believed, prices may be leveling off.  Last week one sold for $143, following a sale the previous week for $102.  A consistent (and sustained) reduction in price would be great news for anyone who, like me, has waited the market out for a "bargain"...