Auction Watch: Hunt Auctions 3/27/13

Next Wednesday marks the end of bidding on items in the March online auction from Hunt Auctions.  I am not targeting any specific lots, but thought I would share a few...

Lot of 1950s Phillies Yearbooks

Lot of 1950s Phillies Yearbooks

Comments: It seems like there is a decent lot of vintage yearbooks available every month.  This one with five from the 1950s is worthy of, and will end up getting a nice final bid...

Current bid: $52
Link to lot: Lot 204

Mike Schmidt Signed Lot

Mike Schmidt signed lot
Comments: I thought this was potentially a good value lot for a Mike Schmidt collector on a budget (like me).  I posted something about this on the Phillies Collector Facebook page the other day - but, every time I see something "full name" signed by Schmidt I'm reminded of the time I saw a guy ask him to sign - "Michael Jake".  Schmidt stopped signing one of the customers 12-balls and said, "I'll sign that, but I don't know who he is."

Current bid: $47
Link to lot: Lot 412

Ryan Howard Game Used Jersey

Ryan Howard GU Jersey
Comments: One of my major pet peeves with Hunt Auctions is that they seem to recycle items.  Now I am not a game-used collector, and I understand there are differences (years, patches, home/away, etc) between the jerseys that come up for auction, but I think there have been Howard jerseys in three of the last four months.  Ditto for name the Schmidt/Carlton poster from the 1980s...

Current bid: $990
Link to lot: Lot 10