March Philly Show Recap

Well, another Philly Show has come and gone...

I've been attending the show for many years, but this past weekend was the first time I have gone on the third day.  Generally I go on Saturday, which could have its pro's and con's.  On the positive side, the second day usually has the bigger profile autograph signers, but that means it is pretty crowded.  Because I had some personal commitments on Saturday, I went on Sunday, which seemed to be less attended (than normal) and offered some good bargains...

Leaf Pete Rose, Living Legends Box

Pete Rose, Leaf Living Legends cards

I've been wanting to buy one of these boxes ever since they came out last year.  The box has 10 packs with six cards each, and either one autograph card or relic redemption.  The set contains 50 cards, and buying a box allowed me to fill out the set.  Even got lucky, and my auto card showed Pete in a Phillies uniform.

Ryan Howard Bobble heads

2006 SGA - Ryan Howard
ROY bobble head

Sometimes you walk into a deal that you just can't pass up.  This was one of those times for me.  Despite what you might think, the show is not only for professional vendors, sometimes it's just a couple of guys trying to unload a few old things.  At one such booth I picked up four 2006/2007 Phillies SGA bobble heads for $35.