2013 Topps Heritage Release Day: Phillies Cards

2013 Phillies, Topps Heritage
Papelbon, Manuel, Revere, Rollins

Although I was not actively collecting new cards during the early 2000's, I was very aware of the popular Hertiage brand launched by Topps in 2001.  Over the years I have started collecting Phillies base cards from the various Topps products, and now look forward to the annual release of the Heritage set.  This year's cards are modeled after the great 1964 Topps base set.  And, with a nod to Phillies of that year, there are insert cards for Gene Mauch and Johnny Callison (cut auto) as well as Jim Bunning (Then and Now, with Justin Verlander) and Paul Brown (real one autographs).

2013 Phillies, Topps Heritage
Darin Ruf, Tyler Cloyd Rookie
Also included in the set are the first official Phillies cards for both Ben Revere and Michael Young, as well as "Rookie Star" cards for Darin Ruf/Tyler Cloyd and Steven Lerud/Luis Antonio Jimenez.  You'll also find a selection of short prints, mini parallels and color variations.

2013 Topps Heritage
Michael Young
Base Set Checklist (and mini parallels):
5   NL League Leaders (Cole Hamels)
16 Cliff Lee
72 Chase Utley
83 Carlos Ruiz
104 Jonathan Papelbon
135 Domonic Brown
157 Charlie Manuel
177 Ben Revere
226 Steven Lerud/Luis Antonio Jimenez (Star Rookies)
237 Jimmy Rollins
243 Darin Ruf/Tyler Cloyd (Star Rookies)
258 Michael Young
428 Ryan Howard (SP and mini parallel)
448 Cole Hamels (SP and mini parallel)
462 Roy Halladay (SP and mini parallel)