Phillies TTM: Week of 2/24/13

After a few weeks wait, I can finally say that I have a few Phillies Spring Training TTM successes!  I ended up putting three more minor league cards in the mail last weekend (my last to Clearwater this year), and have sent 19 items to the team's Spring Training home in total.  These two returns aren't making my overall success rate look too much better, but it's a start...

BJ Rosenberg - 2012 Phillies player postcard

BJ Roseberg signed
Phillies postcard
Rosenberg epitomizes the player I targeted this Spring.  I bought the team postcard set at the Holiday Sale in December, and sent to any guy who is a fringe major leaguer included (sorry Ty Wigginton, I lumped you in there, too).

Tommy Joseph - single signed baseball

Tommy Joseph single-signed ball
If you've watched the team at all this Spring, you've gotta love this guy.  He won me over when he stepped in and asserted himself as a leader at Reading last year, and continues to impress whether it's been at the Arizona Fall League or Spring Training camp.  I was very happy to get this return.