Phillies TTM: Week of 4/1/13

First week of the regular season got started with a nice collection of TTM successes...

Pat Gillick

Pat Gillick signed photo

Three times is a charm!  My original plan for this, was to get Gillick before Spring Training, then send it down to Charlie Manuel in Clearwater.  But, a few missteps along the way derailed that plan.  My first attempt was returned due to the use of a new PO Box by Mr. Gillick (I sent to his old street address).  Try two was returned because I forgot to put stamps on the envelope (amateur)...I actually realized it about 20 minutes later, but it was too late at that point.  In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't get him earlier, since it would have been unlikely to have been returned by Manuel.

Jake Diekman

Jake Diekman signed
photo card

I was very surprised to have not received this back during Spring Training.  Seems like Jake was just holding everything until the end of camp.  I started to see returns early last week, and knew it was now just a matter of time...

Dallas Green

Dallas Green signed
photo card

There was a pretty long wait for this one from "Big D".  I didn't note the exact send date, but I would place it around August-September.  Glad to add another to my Wall of Fame collection - the extra card was also a great surprise.