The Five Stages Of: Ordering Phillies Phestival Tickets Edition

The five stages of emotional progression associated with getting Phillies Phestival tickets...

Anticipation -
Last season was relatively easy for me - called and got through at 9:00.  The more I interacted on Twitter Friday morning, the greater the anticipation got for that first phone call.

Anxiety -
After 10 minutes, I knew 2013 was not going to be like 2012.  Solid busy signals.

Helplessness -
After 20 minutes, I started to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable - I was going to get shut out this year.  My redialing was robotic, and my eyes were glazed - I was at the mercy of the Phillies switchboard.

Hope -
After all but giving up, I thought back to the strategy being employed by a Twitter follower @smulls11.  He had asked for the Season Ticket Holder MVP line late Thursday night.  I thought: there may a service level is worth a try!

Pleasure -
I got through to the MVP wait queue on the second try.  As silly as it is, there is a level of satisfaction in securing the tickets.

After having it so easy for the past few years, this year's emotional journey definitely has made me more appreciative of end destination.  I am planning to take my son for a second year, and even got us a Mike Schmidt photo booth ticket.  Hoping to see you all there on May 16th, too.