Ghosts of Phestivals Past: Part II

This Thursday will be the annual Phillies Phestival, to benefit The ALS Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter.  The Phillies have hosted the autograph party since 1984, and if it hasn't improved every year, it's certainly gotten more popular.

Through the years there have been a lot of memorable moments at the Phestival, whether it was scoring a key signature, pulling a cool item from a grab bag or chatting up a player.  Last year I introduced my son to the festivities and had a truly unique experience.  As I look forward to making some new memories this week, I'll share a few from the past...

Kevin Millwood (2004)

Kevin Millwood Signed Photo

Comments: As a Sunday-game ticket plan during the early 2000s, I had the opportunity to see Millwood pitch his no-hitter in April 2003.  As is typical during the Phestival, I found a trading partner to exchange autograph booth tickets, and got this Phan Photo signed.  One of many pieces in my collection with a personal connection.

Tony Taylor (1988)

Tony Taylor signed ball

Comments: Guess I've been collecting the 1964 Phillies for a while! A coach at the time, getting Taylor on my ball did not mean too much.  I was more interested in getting Von Hayes and Ricky Jordan.

Michael Bourn (2007)

Michael Bourn signed ball

Comments: Michael Bourn wasn't Michael Bourn when we crossed paths in 2007.  Instead, he was an occasional outfielder, and more often appeared in games as a pinch-runner than he did as a starter.  I considered skipping his booth, opting to get in line for a bigger name, but with NO ONE in line I had to stop.  It was memorable in that Bourn seemed miserable, and completely bored.  I always think of that encounter when his name is mentioned.

As I have mentioned before, it is a great event - even if you are not an autograph collector.

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