Phillies Phestival Wish List

Alright, here we are on the eve of the 2013 Phillies Phestival.  A few of us have been talking about this year's event since November or December, yet I have managed to put off planning what I need/want signed until this week.  At this point, most choices are pretty clear cut: World Series team balls are first priority (2008, then 2009), and if I have them on both of those, I'll go to the 2009 Dick Perez lithograph, then individual items.

Adding to any of these items signed would make my night (and give me more time at the Phanatic playground with my son)...

2009 World Series Ball
- It would be great to get either Ryan Howard or Cole Hamels on the ball.  They are the last "big guys" I am missing.  Luckily, both will be around a while, so I should have another chance if I don't get them this year.

2009 World Series Lithograph
- Unlike Howard and Hamels, two of the guys I need for this project are (potentially) appearing at their final Phestival.  I have pulled tickets for both Chase Utley and Charlie Manuel in the would be nice to add one (or both) before they leave town.

Carlos Ruiz
- I would be thrilled to have Chooch sign the 2008 World Series, Sports Illustrated cover (11/03/08) for me.  As you may know, I have many of autographed SI covers, but don't think I'd be willing to pay in-person prices for him to sign this one.

2013 Team Ball
As part of my annual routine, anyone who I don't have something single for, will go on a team ball.  I do bring balls from prior years, so there is also a little backfilling that happens, too.  Some years (see 2012) were clunkers, others (2008 or 2009) provided a good base for potentially valuable collectibles.  I have a team ball - originating from the Phestival - from every season back to 2001.