Phillies TTM: Week of 5/27/13

A few Phillies TTM successes from this week...

1994 Photo Cards - Jim Fregosi and Denis Menke

Jim Fregosi and Denis Menke signed photo cards

I keep plugging away at this set, and with these two additions I am now up to 10 cards in the set signed.  With the '93 team being good TTM signers, it should be easy to add a few more before the summer is out...

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan signed photo

When I sent this photo, Morgan was still on his season-opening hot streak.  Actually, come to think of it, the timing of my letter has evenly split his season into two distinct parts: great and not-so-great.  Either way, Morgan is a legit talent and a class guy (in my book).  With the picture he included a handwritten note thanking me for the support.

Clay Dalrymple

Clay Dalrymple autographed picture

For $5, Dalrymple will sign whatever you send him.  The 1964 Phillies catcher is slam-dunk via TTM - and gives you a solid signature for your money.  I've really enjoyed closing the loop on this project...