2013 Topps Archives Disappointments

I posted my review of the 2013 Topps Archives set early today, and overall I am pretty excited to start adding the new cards to my collection.  The set is not without its flaws, though...Here are a few to prove my point...

Fan Favorites - Darren Daulton

2013 Topps Archives
Darren Daulton

As excited as I was to see Juan Samuel and Larry Bowa as part of the Fan Favorites this year, I was equally disappointed to see Darren Daulton (again).  It's nothing personal against Dutch, I just would like to have seen a "new" popular player from the past featured as part of the 50-card short print.  It is Daulton's third inclusion as a "Fan Favorite", following 2003 and 2004.

Mike Schmidt x10?

2013 Topps Archives
Mike Schmidt base

If you think Topps loves Darren Daulton, it doesn't come close to the affection they are showing Schmidtty.  There are 10 Schmidt cards sprinkled throughout the set.  As a collector of his cards, it is a great opportunity to grow my collection, but I would gladly give up one or two of these cards to have a different Phillie represented in the set.  Also, it was disappointing to see the crappy, retread, mid-80s photo on his base card (in the 1972 Topps design).  Why does Topps keep using this picture?

Heavy Metal Autograph Cards

I just don't understand why these cards are included.  No idea.