Hunt Auctions: June 2013 Internet/Phone Auction Preview

Final bids for Hunt Auction's monthly Internet/Phone auction will be made tonight, and there are several lots Phillies collectors should be watching.

This month's catalogue is full of the same type of things we've come to expect: jerseys, team-signed baseballs and Dick Perez posters.  And, while I have heard some discussion that the sale offers too much of the same (i.e. - lots with items we seen in the past), I think it may be one of the better lineups they've had over the past few months.

Here is a sampling of the Phillies memorabilia up on the block tonight:

Lot #217 - Collection of Phillies Cards

Though they are likely displaying the best cards in this lot (which aren't really that great), the sheer volume makes this one very attractive.  The listing states there are almost 3,000 cards in the lot, with "approximately 25% dating pre-1980".  Whether you're adding to your personal collection, or breaking up the lot for resale, this lot is definitely worth watching...

Lot# 217 of the June Auction

Link to the auction listing.

Lot #577 - Original Artwork from The Sporting News (featuring Robin Roberts)

Wow!  This 14"x19.5" drawing which was featured in an 1952 issue of The Sporting News is great!  Drawn and signed by famed cartoonist Ken Hubenthal, this lot caught my eye in my first pass through the catalogue.

The price (currently at $193) is justified, but, unfortunately, out of my price range.  Nonetheless, this is a great piece for either a Robin Roberts collector, or a baseball art lover...

Lot# 577 of the June Auction

Link to the auction listing.

Lot # 805 - Selection of Professional Model Bats

I only have a few game used bats in my personal collection, but this lot is full of gamers from some of my all-time favorite Phillies: Lenny Dykstra, Mike Lieberthal and John Kruk.

Like the card lot discussed above, this one provides opportunities for collectors and dealers alike.  Comprised of seven pro-model bats (six of which are signed), it offers plenty of value.  In addition to Dykstra (2), Lieberthal and Kruk, there are also bats from Scott Rolen, Ruben Amaro, Jr. and Ricky Ledee.

Lot# 805 of the June Auction

Link to the auction listing.