My Auction Buy

Mitch Williams cleats, circa 1991

I won!

Ok, maybe that was not my exact reaction to placing the final bid on this lot Thursday night, but I was satisfied...

Up for sale in the June internet/phone auction held by Hunt Auctions, this stellar pair of Mitch Williams cleats was too tempting to pass up.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, the sale was pretty deep this month.  And, while not that valuable, these shoes are another example of the depth of material offered.

I am by no means a "Mitch Williams shoe expert", but using some clues I can date this pair to the 1991 season:

  • Color - Burgundy.  Which would match the old uniforms the Phillies wore in his first season.
  • Brand - Mitre.  Mitch wore several brands during his three-years in Philly, including Mitre, Pony and most famously, Reebok in 1993.
  • Photographic Evidence - Pictures (see below) from that season show him wearing Mitre...maybe even these shoes!

Mitch Williams, circa 1991

Truth be told, the cleats are probably not worth more than I bid, but I have been doing a funny thing recently - measuring cost based on the statement, "it's less than a tank of gas."  Any reputable financial planner will tell you this theory is not one to live by.  Needless to say, I did employ my manic logic when placing bids on the cleats...the urge to wear them was too great to resist.

Good News: I WON!  Bad News: I'm house-bounded this weekend...