Maje McDonnell's Flannel Jersey Re-appears

I couldn't help but notice that former Phillies coach, Maje McDonnell's 1952 home duds had resurfaced on ebay over the past couple weeks.  The listing stood out because it's "original" sale by Paragon Auctions (in March 2012) stood out.   

McDonnell was a native Philadelphian, and long-time Phillies employee, serving the team in one role or another from 1947 to 2009. And while vintage flannels like this one often earn dollars on nostalgia alone, he didn't play for the team and had little significance to their on-field play.  At the time, the final sale price seemed high...

Original Listing:

Maje McDonnell 1952 Home Jersey
Sold: March 2012

Sold by Paragon Auctions (March 2012)
Final bid: $847
Link to full listing

Resale Listing on Ebay:

Maje McDonnell 1952 Home Jersey
Sold May 2013

Sold on May 25, 2013
Final bid: $676
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