Pete Rose Is Coming! Pete Rose Is Coming!

Pete Rose

Although it is not unusual to see former Phillie Pete Rose signing autographs in the area, the circumstances around his appearances this weekend make it a story.

Originally, Rose was scheduled to be a special guest at Coca-Cola Park, as part of the IronPigs Father's Day promotion.  As soon as the appearance was announced, Major League Baseball stepped in to put the kibosh on it.  Because of his current "in eligible" status, the all-time hit leader cannot appear at any Major League, or Major League affiliate games.

Without getting into the whole ban/no ban discussion, I will say these rules seem to be applied liberally by the Commissioner's office.  Not sure why it is OK for him to help induct Mike Schmidt into the Reading Hall of Fame, or appear at the All-Star Game (in 1999), and not to throw out he first pitch on Sunday...but, that is why I'm not Commissioner.

Anyway, with his weekend freed up, Pete lined up two area signings:

County Line Fence, Warrington, PA from 1-4
This is a free signing, which we have seen Rose doing more often recently.  I find it interesting, considering he can still get a line of people to pay top-dollar for his signature.  If you are going, take note that County Line has said Pete will on sign sponsor photos.

Sports Vault, King of Prussia Mall from 5-7
This IS NOT a free signing (you will be asked to pay the aforementioned top-dollar).  Of note here is the $59 price tag for a "photo opportunity".  I have heard of a "no photo" policy, but can't remember a "pay-for-photo" policy.