Phillies TTM: Who's Signing

Glenn Wilson autographed card

Here is a quick look at a few Phillies who have been signing via TTM recently...

Glenn Wilson

"Glen-bo", known for his rocket arm, was a fan favorite during the mid-late 1980s.  Interestingly, despite his popularity, he has seldom been heard from/about since leaving Philly.  An argument could be made that he is a victim of the era in which he played, since most of the mid-80s were pretty forgettable.  The two recent successes from Wilson may mean he is changing his thoughts on TTM.  But, based on his 36% success rate, this could be a small window of opportunity for collectors.

*It should be noted that both successes included a monetary donation.

324 Tara Park 
Conroe, Tx 77302

Jose DeJesus

I had a success with DeJesus last year at this address.  Judging from my own experience, and from what I've seen on SCN, he saves up requests for a month or two before responding.  Plan now and add an autograph to your collection in September.  
P.O. Box 9960 
Cidra, Puerto Rico 00739

Lou Grasmick

There are not too many guys who played for the Phillies during the 1940s left.  Grasmick had a cup of coffee with the Phils in 1948.  I have actually wanted to try and send to him in the past, but have been unable to find any photos of him.  Might be a good get for anyone who collects index card autographs.
6715 Quad Ave 
Baltimore, MD 21237