My Favorite Cards: All Star Game Memories

With the All-Star Game scheduled for tomorrow night in New York, I figured it would be a good time to put together an ASG "theme" post.

When talking about All-Star Game related Phillies cards, there are many options to choose from.  From the "NL All-Star" subsets in Topps sets during the early 1980s, to game-used relics that appear in update sets these days.  There are a few cards in this category that rank high on my want list, like the 1981 Program insert cards.  But, in today's post I'll talk about two cards that meant a lot to me growing up, and that I still think of each season when the Mid-Summer Classic comes around again...

Darren Daulton -  1996 FanFest

Darren Daulton - 1996 Pinnacle FanFest Set #30
Comments: Walking into the Convention Center, I ripped open my 2-card pack of Pinnacle FanFest cards and prayed that I got the Darren Daulton "short-print".  Dutch was honored with a lenticular card that was the talk of FanFest 1996.  I had to wait almost 10 years before I came across one at a local card show.  I gladly gave the seller $5 to cross this one off the want list.

Mike Schmidt
1987 Donruss Pop-up

Mike Schmidt - 1987 Donruss Pop-Up
Comments: I couldn't have a post about Phillies All-Stars without including a card of Mike Schmidt.  These were the cards nine-year old Phillies Collectors dreamed of in 1987.  The 18-card set featured players who appeared in the 1986 All Star Game in Houston.  When set up, the cards created a three-dimensional display of the players inside the Astrodome.  I'd like to say that I kept mine in pristine condition, but truth is, I popped that card out immediately...