Vintage Phanatic Items at CBP

Vintage Phanatic Memorabilia at CBP
via @Phillies

Last week the Phillies Twitter account posted a photo of a Phanatic-themed display case at the Authentics stand in CBP.  I had actually stopped and looked at the display while attending a game during the White Sox series with my son. It should be noted, he didn't care about the white corduroy hat of my youth, but was fixated on the Easter-themed, Phanatic of the Month bobble head.

I am not a big collector of the Phanatic, but I know there are some of you out there.  And, with that in mind, I contacted the Phillies and was able to get a price list for the current "Vintage Phanatic" inventory.  It is impressive to see the variation listed in a few of the items.  For example, a "Phanatic with bat" keychain is available with hoop, thick band and "inside circle".

Some of the prices seem a little above market, but if you are looking for a particular piece, or variation, many collectors would willing pay top dollar...

Phanatic/Players - $84.99
Most Valuable Phanatic - $49.99 (I have this one somewhere!)

Phanatic with bat charm - $19.99
Phanatic face - $19.99

1978 - $19.99
1982 - $9.99
1992 - $4.99

Phanatic with bat (hoop) - $24.99
Phanatic with bat inside circle (thick band) - $24.99
Phanatic with bat inside circle (hoop) - $24.99
Phanatic face (thick band) - $24.99
Phanatic face (hoop) - $24.99

License Plates:
Phanatic pitching - $49.99

Large Phanatic with bat inside circle (short) - $24.99
Large Phanatic with bat (short) - $24.99
Large Phanatic face (short) - $24.99

1983 - $39.99

1980 Veterans Stadium/World Series pin - $84.99
Phanatic with bat pin (large) - $19.99
Phanatic with bat inside circle - $19.99
Large Phanatic face - $19.99

1981 - $49.99
1983 Phanatic on ATV - $9.99
1983 Phanatic taunting - $9.99

1981 Puzzle - $49.99
1981 Rolos Phanatic face - $19.99
1981 Rolos Phanatic with bat - $19.99
1982 Activity Book - $39.99
Phanatic with bat bracelet - $39.99

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