Dick Allen Official Merchandise

My favorite desktop wallpaper from DickAllen15.com

A few weeks ago, former Phillies slugger Dick Allen launched an expansive online presence - complete with an official webpage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  I could go on about how cool it is to connect with a legend like Allen, but this is a memorabilia collecting blog, so I will TRY to stay on message...

For the purposes of this post, I'll be focusing attention on Allen's official online store.  There are a lot of interesting products for either the casual Phillies collector, or a die-hard fan of DA.  He definitely has a good team working to get his image out there - I've found myself visiting it every few days to see what new items have been added.  Here are a few highlights of their current inventory:

ROY '64 Inscribed Baseball

Price: $60
In his rare appearances, you'll typically expect to pay $40-50 for a signed Allen baseball.  Considering you get the Rookie of the Year inscription, I feel like this is a pretty good deal...especially if you are a collector of the star-crossed season of 1964.

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Dick Allen - ROY '64 ball
via DA15.com

Autographed Full-Sized Batting Helmet

Price: $150
One of the more expensive items in the store, there are full-sized batting helmets from every team Allen played for represented in this collection.  This is a cool addition for a number of reasons: They're uncommon; look great on display and instantly remind you of his iconic on-field look.

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Dick Allen autographed helmet
via DA15.com

Best of the Rest

  • Custom t-shirts with classic images and quotes such as, "If a horse won't eat it...I don't want to play on it".  
  • Personalized autographed photos.  Great way to get something unique for yourself or a fellow collector.
  • FREE desktop wallpaper.  OK, the wallpapers are not technically in the store, but these are great.  I highly recommend downloading, "Messages in the Dirt".

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Dick Allen's "Official" webpage
Follow Dick on Twitter: @DickAllen_15