Phillies Wives' - Pro Pack Review

This weekend the Phillies Wives have auctioning off gift baskets to support Phillies Charities.  While much of the action was centered at Citizens Bank Park for the Diamondbacks series, five pro-packs were offered for bid online.

With just hours remaining in the auction, I thought it would be a good time to review a couple of the more interesting lots...

Chase Utley Personalized Basket

Current bid: $460
Content Highlights: Utley signed ball, and postseason champagne bottle

Comments: In my opinion, the basket is the best of the online offerings.  There are several nice autographed pieces included, and I could definitely use the Phillies dog collar and leash.
Link to the auction

Phanatic Themed Basket

Current bid: $0 (Opening bid amount is $250)
Content Highlights: Phanatic MVP bobble head

Comments: I know there is a market for autographed Phanatic items, but I've never been interested so this lot is not for me.  Given the lack of bidding activity, it doesn't seem like I'm that unusual afterall...
Link to the auction

Children's Pro-Pack

Current bid: $350
Content Highlights: Signed Utley/Howard picture, signed Ruiz bobble head

Comments: Judging based on my son's interest, this is a pretty good assortment of goods for kids.  The package includes a few things young Phillies fans cannot resist: bobble heads and trucks. 8 bids and counting...

The rest of the online packages being offered...

Anyone bid on, or better yet, win one of the packs at a game this weekend??