Phillies Alumni Night Wrap-up

Saturday was dedicated to collecting Phillies autographs...and, collect, I did.

Card Show - Granite Run Mall

There were several area signings scheduled, but the lure of Danny Jackson at Granite Run Mall took me there.  I have been working on a 1993 team poster, and after passing up on him at Philly Show last year, still needed DJ. 

While there, I also went to First and Goal to get some more Art Mahaffey and Bobby Wine autographs.   Bobby was talkative as usual, and pointed out that he had a set of the 1964 Bulletin cards, too.  They were part of his collection that he showed the ESPN writer who penned that great piece on Johnny Callison at the All-Star break.  In addition to the '64 pictures, I had Wine sign the Phillies collage poster that I bought on ebay in the Spring.

Phillies Game - Citizens Bank Park

The early game time necessitated that I forego other signings, and head right to CBP.  It was raining when we got there, and that pretty much closed the door on me having Garry Maddox and Greg Luzinski sign the collage poster.  My brother got The Bull to sign his 1977 Sports Illustrated, and I ended up seeing Larry Christenson, too before going inside.

Over the past five or six years, we've bought Hall of Fame level tickets for a game that weekend.  Some years have been great, others, not so special.  Walking around up there early Saturday, we were one of a handful of fans, so I thought our chances of catching a few guys might be good.  We staked out a spot at the Alumni suite, and pretty soon guys started coming through and I quickly added 4 or 5 signatures, including Tony Taylor and Kevin Stocker.

I had a few things ready to get signed, but ultimately decided to stick with filing out a 1993 NLCS celebration photo (11"x17") that I had started last year.  That seemed to work well, cutting out a lot of digging around in my backpack, or on the floor for other things.  All in all, I was able to add 12 autographs to the picture - getting everyone from Tony Longmire to Curt Schilling!

 Overall it was a great night.  Now the countdown to Alumni Weekend 2014 begins...