Phillies Alumni Weekend Signing Schedule

Alright Philly 'graphers....You've been wondering what Phillies Alumni might be signing at CBP this weekend.  I've been able to confirm the following (Disclaimer: As they say, any of this could be changed...right up to the scheduled time due to availability).

Anyway, I'll be there Saturday and Sunday...Enjoy!

Friday, August 3rd
5:45-6:15 PM

Alley Store - Kevin Stocker and Mickey Morandini
Section 111 Newsstand - Todd Pratt and Ricky Jordan
Authentics Store - Danny Jackson and Ben Rivera
HOF Club - Brad Lidge

Saturday, August 4th

Alley Store - Milt Thompson and Tony Longmire
Section 111 Newsstand - Mariano Duncan and Roger Mason
Authentics Store - Tommy Greene and David West

Sunday, August 5th

Alley Store - Jim Eisenriech and Wes Chamberlain
Authentics Store - Jim Fregosi
Ticket Window - Mitch Williams
Gate greeters - David West, Roger Mason, Ben Rivera and Tony Longmire

Special thanks to fellow Phillies collector, Steve Skalish for confirming the signings.  Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter: