Phillies TTM: Who's Signing?

It has been a slow month TTM-wise, for me, personally.  Between vacation, my son's birthday and work commitments, I just have not been able to get too much in the mail.  During that time, my primary focus has been on continue adding to my 1950s-era player photo, on which I have been consistently adding one a week.

My limited activity doesn't mean former Phillies are not signing TTM.  The show has gone on!  Here are a few guys who have been adding successes to Phillies collectors over the past two weeks...

Randy Ready

As manager of the Gwinnett Braves, Ready has been a popular target all season.  With the season winding down, it's likely too late to mail to him.  But, it's worth noting (for next year) that he was a consistent signer all summer.

c/o Gwinnett Braves
Coolray Field
One Braves Avenue
Lawrenceville, GA 30049

Erik Kratz

Another consistent signer, Phillies catcher Erik Kratz has been responding a lot over the past month.  Unlike Ready, there is still plenty of time to get card in the mail to Kratz before the season ends...

Erik Kratz signed card

Tommy Greene

You might be saying - 'Greene's always been a willing signer.  What's the big deal?'  Well, you're right, normally reporting on Tommy Greene TTM successes would be a non-story.  But, a new address for the 1993 righty has recently emerged.  If you want to keep those autographs coming, make sure to use the new, Pennsylvania address...

P.O. Box 10
Warrington, PA 18976