School's In: September Phanatic of the Month

September Phanatic of the Month

"School bells are ringing loud and clear; vacation is over, school is here."  One stanza from Winifred C. Marshall's poem, "School", sums up this month's Phanatic of the Month.

Again positioned on the gold, Phanatic head base, the figurine depicts the Phanatic as a teacher, evidently giving a lesson on his home island, Galapagos.  As with previous month's offerings, the September bobble head is not lacking in detail.  Included are text on the pages of the Phanatic's book and blackboard, and a worm peeking from the apple on his desk.  Overall, it's a pretty solid design - though, it's not my favorite to date (in fact, probably one of my least favorite).  Either way, like those before it, the September Phanatic of the Month was a hot seller...