Chase Utley Turn Back the Clock Gear Up For Bid!

Phillies, 2013 TBTC Game Used Display

When the Phillies Authentics team released their inventory from the August 23rd, Turn Back the Clock game, one player's gear was noticeably missing: Chase Utley.  While at CBP earlier this weekend I saw a display with the missing gear at the Authentics Stand.  It turns out the uniform is the centerpiece of an online auction that ends tonight.  Here are a few highlights:

Chase Utley, TBTC Game Hat:
I have become a small collector of game-used hats, and can really appreciate this lot.  I like collecting hats because they are generally much cheaper than jerseys, and take up less room.  These TBTC hats might just be the exception.  The team sold hats used by starter Cole Hamels and shortstop Jimmy Rollins for $199, so this Utley auction is running a little higher than retail.

# of bids: 15
Current high bid: $261
Link to bid

Chase Utley, TBTC Game Uniform:
The Phillies did something cool with the uniforms from this game.  Instead of selling only the jersey, they offered the complete uniform: jersey and pants.  Very cool item to have, but like the hat, it is currently $400 over retail for other "like" players.

# of bids: 23
Current high bid: $1,360
Link to bid

Chase Utley, TBTC Game Helmet:
Since Chase won the game with that dramatic bases loaded walk, this helmet is a pretty nice piece - as related to significance with the TBTC game.

# of bids: 19
Current high bid: $651
Link to bid

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