Phillies TTM: Week of 9/2/2013

Finally got a couple responses that would allow for a new post on my personal Phillies TTM successes.    As I mentioned last week, I have not bee overly active the past month or so, but hope to get back into a more regular mailing pattern soon.  Despite my mail lady's recent light load, I did manage to fit in two successes last week...

Bob Boone - 

I'm not sure whether or not this can be counted as a success, but I response is a response.  I originally bought this game-used bat card on ebay with the thought that I could then send it to Boone to be signed.

When I got the card I was a little disappointed that the picture had him in a Kansas City Royals uniform, something I hadn't taken note to when bidding.  Long story short, this was out for 4-5 months and came back with a personal correction from the ex-catcher himself...Oops.

Bob Kuzava - 

I have scratched my way to 12 successes on the 1950s-era Phillies project.  Kuzava was only with the Phillies for one season (1955), but according to his Wikipedia page, he was an important part of Yankees history, closing out both the 1951 and 1952 World Series for the Bombers.

A big part of the fun with this particular project is finding out about the careers of guys like Kuzava.  Before researching his playing days for my letter, I was aware of his name but knew little of his accomplishments.  Can't wait to see who I learn about next...